Linda Govik


Love can be complicated even for experts


An unthinkable scandal drives Darcy Clarke from her jet-set life as a marriage counselor to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Taking on another identity to escape the hounding media, she accepts a job as a yoga teacher at a remote Scottish castle, where the owner Aidan McAllister counts on her to save the place from going under. Aidan, jarred by life and determined not to get hurt in love, reluctantly warms up to Darcy and starts to believe in a bright once again. 


With Darcy's lies building up just as steadily and inevitably as her attraction to Aidan, life in the countryside becomes more and more complex. Then, one day, her past comes back to haunt her.


Genre: feelgood/sweet romance 

A riveting tale set in the Napoleonic era


The year is 1806. Emily Bradley has just taken her step to independence by starting to paint portraits on commission. Unbeknownst to her, her first customer is linked to the man she fears the most—Lord Charles Stanford, who once violated her and left her pregnant. Suddenly, Emily finds herself hurled into a series of events over which she has no control, as Lord Charles is made aware of her current whereabouts and returns to her life, intent on using her and their now eight-year old son to claim his heritage.

Forced into marriage, soon suffering under Lord Charles cruel reign, Emily is unable to pursue the life that was once laid out before her feet, and her dream of becoming a painter slips further and further away. But then, Napoleon Bonaparte’s courier, Étienne de Ste Germaine, turns up. The handsome nobleman is sent out on a mission to bring her to France, to paint a portrait of the Empress Joséphine—an offer Emily cannot resist. Blind to the consequences, driven by her need for independence, she defies her husband and sets out on a journey that is lined with dangers, but that also holds the promise of both freedom, and a sweet, but forbidden romance. 

Knowing the dream will inevitably end one day, Emily must now struggle for the courage to become the person she was meant to be, and accept that her strive for liberation comes with a price so high that it might ultimately cost her everything.


Genre: historical romance/historical fiction

We all carry secrets - for good and for bad...


The black sheep of the Stanford family, Lord Lyndon Stanford, spots an opportunity to find the men who killed his family several years back. His quest brings him onto unexpected and dangerous paths, where one leads to a revelation that shocks him to the core of his being, and the other crosses the life of his mysterious sister-in-law, Lady Emily Stanford, who suffers under her husband Lord Charles' tyranny, and is in desperate need of Lyndon's help.  


Secrets is the second installment in the Legacy saga and will be published in 2019

"Great debut novel with much potential for a wonderful series"


"At the end of the book I find myself wanting to know what happens next to these characters and missing them when I close the book. A mark of an enjoyable read! Can't wait for Book 2!"

"The story flows like a stream, sometimes gently sometimes with force and, just as a stream, it is never stagnant. Simply wonderful and do you want a page turner? Here it is!"

"Absolutely fell in love with the characters"

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