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FINALLY, the sequel to Legacy, going under the working title "Secrets" will be published (yay!). 

The manuscript is now at the editor's, scheduled to be done around August. If all things go as planned, I think we will have a publication date around November. Stay tuned for more on THAT. 

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other projects

Summer is here. For me, after a hectic spring, racing to finish Secrets and getting it off to the editor, while juggling the rest of my not-so-quiet life, this means I can take a bit of holiday, also from writing. I can't stay off it completely, however, so I'm writing - most erratically - on the sequel to "Heart Full of Stars". Some readers thought there was room for a follow-up, and I happen to agree, but I have no real plans for the story yet, so we'll see where it ends up. All I can say is that the story is currently set during winter time.

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