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The latest installation in the Legacy chronicles is out now in your favourite bookstore.


How are you doing, guys? I know we're all sick and tired of hearing about this Covid-19 virus. I think we can agree it's turned a lot of things on end, though. I'm pretty spared where I am. Sweden hasn't had the forced lockdowns - no forcing regulations at all, actually - but we have our restrictions, based on recommendations from our government, and I think we're following them quite well. In that, yes, there is a huge change.

We're all struggling to adapt. Some use the time to get more creative, others feel they rest in the limbo and don't create at all. How is all this affecting you?

Personally, I'm plodding on as always. I'm not more or less creative, and I don't write more or less than I normally do. I do get some strange ideas, based on whims that I might never had had normally. For example, I bought a complete Kombucha kit to start brewing my own Kombucha. Hmm... The first batch was a bit of a failure, but I'll try it again before I give up. 

Hey, don't miss the Author's Give Back drive on Smashwords. It's author's way of adding a bit of relief in these times. My books are all free until the 31th of May. So - get over there and grab them while the offer lasts (I know it says $.99 on the widgets, but they really are free). Enjoy the read and stay safe!