Secrets excerpt

When Lyndon woke, he felt a bit better, but a fever had broken out and he was sweating profusely. The sheets clung uncomfortably to his body and he was thirsty, but couldn’t reach for the glass that Mathilde had put by his bedside.

The room had taken on a dark bluish hue and the street outside his window slumbered, leaving the peaceful serenade of a blackbird his only company. The air, salty and fresh, wafted to his nose in alluring waves, almost nearly enough to drive away the foul smell of his body, of blood and vomit and sweat. Mathilde seemed to be an orderly woman, but there were limits as to how clean she could keep him, of course. He longed for a bath, but figured it wouldn’t be for a while yet.

He was just about to close his eyes again when he heard a faint sound from across the room. There, veiled by the shadows by the large chest of drawers in the corner, he spotted a figure. It stood there without moving, dressed in a cloak with the hood over its head; a still figure, whose focus was clearly turned toward Lyndon.

“Who are you?” he said.

The figure stepped forward, and the faint light from the fading day outside the window fell over its features. A handsome face appeared, sharp in its lines, dark eyes gleaming.

“Are you Death?” Lyndon asked. “May I in that case be so bold as to ask you to return at a later date? I have business to tend to before I leave this world.”

The figure bowed slightly.

Alors, I am not Death and it is not up to me to decide if you are going to die.”

“You’re… French?”

That would normally mean the same thing as death, would it not? Though this particular Frenchman didn’t seem very murderous.

Excerpt, secrets


Lord Lyndon Stanford, spots an opportunity to find the men who killed his family several years back. His quest brings him onto unexpected and dangerous paths, where one leads to a revelation that shocks him to the core of his being, and the other crosses the life of his mysterious sister-in-law, Lady Emily Stanford, who suffers under her husband Lord Charles' tyranny, and is in desperate need of Lyndon's help.


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