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I've always been writing, ever since my childhood, and a great many ideas have plopped through my head during that time. Some, I discard (like, the one with the journalist who kidnaps the hot actress during her press conference in Aspen.... Great idea - until you realize that this is something only psychos would do), some I keep. Legacy was an old idea that turned into a book. My contemporary mystery Moving in with Murder is a VERY old idea. In any case, here is a taste of what I'm working on at the moment:




Freelancer Livia Hatton isn’t exactly thrilled to acquire the job as a house sitter for a villa in the small English seaside town of Beatricebourne, but she hardly has a choice: she needs this break to re-evaluate her life. When she discovers that the town sits on an unsolved murder of a young Russian girl, she sees her chance to write an article that will boost her career and secure a job at the newspaper of her choice. It’s all perfect – until she begins to unearth the dirty secrets of Beatricebourne and finds that it’s not only annoyed villagers she’s put herself up against, but also a killer, who is still on the lose and anxious to make sure she keeps her silence…


Moving in with Murder is a cozy whodunnit with a kinky twist, suitable for those who likes cosy - but sexy - whodunnits. Think Stephanie Plum goes to Midsomer, and you get the idea. The plan for this book is to publish it during 2017, which is still looking hopeful.




The Legacy series continues, picking up where the first book left off.

Lyndon Stanford spots an opportunity to find the men that killed his family. His quest brings him onto unexpected and dangerous paths, where one leads to a revelation that shocks him to the core of his being, and the other seems to be crossing his sister-in-law, Lady Emily Stanford, who risks losing the man she loves and is in dire need of Lyndon's help...


Secrecy is currently being written, with a first draft in the works. The time plan for publication is 2018.




An unthinkable scandal drives Darcy Clarke from her jetset life as a marriage counsellor to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Taking on another identity to escape the hounding media, she seeks refuge as a Personal Trainer at a remote Scottish castle, where the sexy owner Aidan McAllister counts on her to save the place from going under. The problem is that she's not what the castle needs at all - and even worse, that she can't stop herself from falling for Aidan. The feeling is mutual, and soon, they're swept up in a passionate affair that healsl old wounds and make them believe in love once again. But with Darcy's scandal looming in the background and Aidan's determination to put his beloved castle above all else,, the question is if their love has any chance of surviving...


This is my attempt to write a steamy romance, and it started out with Darcy moving to a ranch in Texas, before I changed the setting to Scotland - for several reasons. I'm having fun with this story and the characters are great, but I have no publication date set yet - we'll just have to see!