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Linda Govik


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Okay, so I know you're probably not on this homepage because you want to learn more about me - you're hopefully here because you are curious about my books. On the other hand, it's always nice to know a bit about the person behind the texts, so here's a bit about me:


I'm Swedish, born and bred. I grew up in what could be described as a ghetto to Gothenburg, but survived it fairly unscathed (in those days, bomb threats to the school meant a day off, and wasn't really a big thing), and when I met my husband, I moved with him further up north to a small coastal town, where we now live. 


Cats, coffee and exercise sustain me (but unfortunately so does food, which is why the effects of all this exercise still doesn't make me look like Tinkerbell... but I'm fortunately old enough not to care), and, needless to say, I also love writing. And reading. 


Do connect with me Instagram or Facebook (I don't have an author page, but if you add me as a friend, I won't shun you, unless it's very obvious you're a bot). You're also welcome to email me at:

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